M #1: Gregory Gaultier

PLAYER Gregory Gaultier      Nickname:  the General
AGE 34
HEIGHT 5′ 9″
PLAYS Right-handed, Dunlop
RANKING #1  since Apr ’17
5th spell at #1 (first in 2009) and the oldest man to hold top spot
Been in top 10 unbroken since May 2006, top 5 since Nov 2011.
PSA TITLES  79 Finals, 40 titles (plus 9 European titles)
WORLDS HISTORY Playing his 15th Worlds in a row (2002-2017). Quarters or better in last 8 events.
Lost four finals – 2006, 2007, 2011, 2013 – before finally claiming the title in Bellevue in 2015.
RECENT FORM In 2017 won Swedish, Windy City, British, Open, El Gouna, Grasshopper and Bellevue titles. Missed the start of the season with an ankle injury, reached semis in Qatar and quarters in Hong Kong. Unbeaten in World Teams.