2018 World Masters Seedings

The 15th edition of the biennial championships – the first to be held in the USA – will take place at the McArthur Squash Center at the Boar’s Head Sports Club in Charlottesville from 29th Jul to 4th Aug.

802 athletes from a record 63 nations have entered the 19 men’s and women’s events in categories ranging from Over-35 to Over-80.

Former World #1 Natalie Grainger is a two-time World Masters champion after prevailing in the W35 in 2014 and 2016, and is the USA’s only top seed in Charlottesville.

Natalie’s mother Jean Grainger, with four World Masters titles to her name between 1999 and 2014, is also top seeded in Charlottesville where she will compete in the W75 category.

Five-time world champion Sarah Fitz-Gerald leads the Australian charge, and is seeded to win a third successive W45 title.

As well as Grainger and Fitz-Gerald, reigning World Masters Champions Nick Taylor, Willie Hosey, Adrian Wright and Ann Manley are also top seeds for their events.

Top 2018 World Masters seeds:

M35: 1 Laurens Jan Anjema (Ned), 2 Alister Walker (Bot), ¾ Wael El Hindi (Egy), Clinton Leeuw (Rsa)
M40: 1 Liam Kenny (Irl), 2 Mick Biggs (Eng), ¾ Lazarus Chilufya (Usa), Patrick Chifunda (Zam)
M45: 1 Nick Taylor (Eng), 2 Zuko Kubukeli (Rsa), ¾ Christian Borgvall (Swe), Adrian Hansen (Rsa)
M50: 1 Michael Tootill (Rsa), 2 Chris Walker (Eng), ¾ Hansi Wiens (Ger), David Sly (Can)
M55: 1 Willie Hosey (Irl), 2 Fredrik Johnson (Swe), ¾ Peter Gilbee (Aus), Brett Martin (Aus)
M60: 1 Geoffrey Davenport (Aus), 2 Jeremy Goulding (Eng), ¾ Udo Kahl (Ger), Pierr Roodt (Rsa)
M65: 1 John Macrury (Cay), 2 Ian Graham (Eng), ¾ Robert Jan Anjema (Ned), Wayne Weatherhead (Can)
M70: 1 Brian Cook (Aus), 2 Barry Featherstone (Eng), ¾ Norbert Kornyei (Usa), Ian Ross (Sco)
M75: 1 Adrian Wright (Eng), 2 Gerald Poulton (Can), ¾ John Nelson (Usa), Desmond Sacco (Rsa)
M80: 1 Lance Kinder (Eng), 2 Barry Gardiner (Nzl), ¾ Edward Burlingame (Usa), Stanley Fanaroff (Rsa)

W35: 1 Lauren Briggs (Eng), 2 Selina Sinclair (Eng), ¾ Leah Boody (Can), Zhenzhen Wu (Chn)
W40: Natalie Grainger (Usa), 2 Melissa Martin (Aus), ¾ Samantha Herbert (Rsa), Jacqueline Ryder (Rsa)
W45: 1 Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Aus), 2 Rachel Calver (Eng), ¾ Shayne Baillie (Eng), Susan Davis (Aus)
W 50: 1 Sarah Nelson (Aus), 2 Andrea Santamaria (Eng), ¾ Hope Prockop (Usa), Karen Webb (Zim)
W55: 1 Susan Hillier (Aus), 2 Fiona McLean (Sco), ¾ Mandy Akin (Eng), Sue Williams (Aus)
W60: 1 Jill Campion (Eng), 2 Karen Hume (Eng), 3/ 4 Carole Grunberg (Usa), Shirley Whitmore (Rsa)
W65: 1 Laura Ramsay (Can) 2 Faith Sinclair (Sco), ¾ Gaye Mitchell (Aus), Gail White (Usa)
W70: 1 Ann Manley (Eng), 2 Robyn Prentice (Can), ¾ Bett Dryhurst (Eng), Marilyn Kennedy (Aus)
W75: 1 Jean Grainger (Rsa), 2 Barbara Sanderson (Irl), ¾ Alma Cave (Rsa), Joan Witton (Eng)